Course curriculum

    1. Overcoming Health-Care-Access Challenges in an Archipelagic Country with Demographic Diversities

    2. Reaching for Justice in Clinical Guidelines

    3. Discrimination in Migrants and Refugees

    4. Country Case Studies on Quality of Care in Childbirth

    5. Women Facing Crisis

    6. Responsive Health System to Maternal and Newborn Infections

    7. Health Systems Strengthening for Achievement of SDGs for Women and Newborns

    8. Ethical Aspects of Human Reproduction and Women's Health

    9. Maternal and Perinatal Death Surveillance and Response and HSS in HIC and LMIC

    10. Female Genital Mutilation: Improving Medical Care, Education of Health Professionals and Prevention

    11. Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care: Persistent HSS Gaps

    12. Delivery at Home: Is it an Option or a Right?

    13. On the Borderline: Considerations for Practicing Border Medicine and Addressing Needs of Refugee Populations

    14. Migrant Reproductive Health Care in The Netherlands

    15. Severe Maternal Complications in Migrant Women in High-Income Countries: Added Value and Challenges of Multi-Country Studies

    16. Capacity for Maternity Care: A Framework for Equity for Women and Newborns

    17. Health Challenges of Environmental Hazards: Urgent Needs to be Addressed

    18. Implementation of Vaccination Guidance

    19. There is no Health without Mental Health: Addressing the Unmet Burden

    20. Maternal Health and the Impact of the Environment

    21. Empowerment of Women and Making Choices in Maternal Health Care

    22. Health Systems Strengthening: Health Workforce for Quality Care of Women and Newborns

    23. Women Facing Crisis and Health Systems Strengthening

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