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For each Congress specialist stream, participants will be required to watch more than 50% of all videos to receive a certificate of completion.

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The information provided as part of the on-demand content is provided by external sources. Although every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of the content, FIGO accepts no responsibly in that regard.

FIGO is committed to its events being representative of the varied experiences of the attending delegates. FIGO makes every effort to ensure all Congress programme activities are diverse and provide gender and regional representation. FIGO cannot guarantee that unforeseen or last-minute circumstances did not result in some sessions becoming less gender or geographically balanced than originally intended.

FIGO does not endorse nor recommend any products or services provided or promoted by Congress speakers or sponsors. Activities carried out by Congress sponsors are not planned, sponsored or endorsed by FIGO. Sponsored symposia are not part of, or an official activity of, FIGO. The content of sponsored activities and opinions expressed by presenters are those of the sponsor or presenters and not of FIGO.

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