Course curriculum

    1. Breast Health and Benign Breast Disease

    2. Iron Deficiency, Anaemia, and HMB: Impact on Women, Pregnancy, and the Developing Foetus

    3. Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology

    4. Endometriosis

    5. Overactive Bladder: Diagnosis and Treatment

    6. Improving Colposcopic Practice

    7. Transgender Issues in OB/GYN Practice

    8. FIGO Recommendations for Wellness across the Lifecourse

    9. Sexually Transmitted Infections: Why you Need to Care and What you Can do to Address this Growing Public Health Crisis

    10. Vulvar Diseases

    11. Women's Health in Mid-Life and Beyond

    12. Infectiology in Gynaecology

    13. Infectious Disease

    14. Menopause: What and How to Treat

    15. Womens Health in Ireland: Providing for the Future

    16. Medical Management of Benign Gynaecological Disorders

    17. Preconceptional Counselling

    18. AUB and Fibroids

    19. Female Genitopelvic Pain: the New Paradigm

    20. DHEERA: no to Violence against Women

    21. Medical Management of Endometriosis

    22. Vaginal Microbiome

    23. Screening across Women's Lifespan

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