Course curriculum

    1. DHA Reduces Preterm Birth Risk: Expert Recommendations and Clinical Application

    2. High Intensity Focused Ultrasound – Non-invasive Treatment Option for Solid Tumors

    3. Protecting Infants Against Respiratory Syncytial Virus through Maternal Immunization

    4. Addressing Fears and Myths in Contraception: Overcoming Challenges

    5. Championing Maternal Health: Nobel Prize-Winning Discoveries Transforming Preeclampsia

    6. How can we Change the Lives of Patients Living with Endometriosis?

    7. Re4sons Why Estrogen Matters

    8. Global Access to Modern Contraception: Strengthening Collective Action

    9. Helping to Protect the Most Vulnerable: The Essential Role of Medical Professionals in Pertussis Vaccination During Pregnancy

    10. A Path to Protection: Vaccination in Pregnancy and Beyond

    11. Nutritional Strategies to Improve Maternal and Children Health Outcomes

    12. Landmark Research to Reduce Morbidity and Mortality Due to Post Partum Haemorrhage

    13. Breaking Paradigms: Management of Severe Postpartum Haemorrhage with rFVIIa

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