Course curriculum

    1. Childbirth and Postpartum Haemorrhage

    2. PPROM: the Current State of the Art and Future Prospective

    3. Obesity and Pregnancy

    4. Placenta Accreta Spectrum: Tips and Tricks to Improve Worldwide Clinical Management

    5. Maternal Nutrition and Long-Term Health

    6. Drivers and Proposed Solutions to the Caesarean Delivery Epidemic

    7. Healthy Pregnancy

    8. Born too Soon: The Decade Report

    9. Advances in Postpartum Care: an Opportunity to Improve Long-Term Maternal Health

    10. Addressing Post-Partum Depression

    11. Immunization during Pregnancy/Postpartum to Reduce Morbidity-Mortality

    12. Effective Interventions in Preterm Birth

    13. COVID-19 During Pregnancy and Beyond

    14. Perinatal Screening and Management of Intrauterine Growth Retardation

    15. Breastfeeding: Initiatives to Increase Breastfeeding Globally

    16. The FIGO PremPrep 5 Launch: A Preterm Birth Care Bundle

    17. Preeclampsia: Improving Care

    18. Prenatal Diagnosis

    19. Focus on HIV in Pregnancy

    20. Reducing Maternal Morbidity and Mortality in Childbirth in Low and Middle Resource Countries

    21. Infections during Pregnancy Clinical Cases "Potpourri": Toxoplasmosis, CMV and Syphilis

    22. Preparedness for a Future Pandemic affecting Pregnant Women and the Newborn

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