Course curriculum

    1. Family Planning and SDGs

    2. Innovations to Improve Abortion Access

    3. Telemedicine for Sexual and Reproductive Health in a Post-Pandemic World

    4. Contraception and Family Planning

    5. PCOS: Updates to the International Guidelines

    6. Contraception Challenges: Menarche to Menopause and Beyond

    7. How Far is too Far: What is the Evidence-Base on Medical Abortion for Residents of very Remote Locations?

    8. #IamJustyna: the Cautionary Tale about the Criminalisation of Providers and Supporters of Self-Managed Abortion Everywhere in the World

    9. What can Doctors Learn from Abortion Accompaniers in Latin America?

    10. Management of Infertility without Obvious Cause

    11. Genetic Testing in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility

    12. Future of Family Planning with FIGO and FP2030

    13. Exploring Endometrium in Case of Recurrent Implantation Failure

    14. It's Time for Male Contraception

    15. High Impact Practices in Contraception

    16. Fertility Education

    17. Respectful Care in Abortion, Adolescent Pregnancies and Access for Adolescents

    18. Implications of Abortion Restriction and Regulation

    19. Sharing the IVF Subsidy Program in Japan, Korea and Taiwan

    20. Abortion and Contraception in Teens

    21. Avoiding Adolescent Pregnancy: Universal Access to Contraceptive Methods

    22. The Cartagena Declaration

    23. Endocrinopathies and Pregnancy

    24. Low Sperm Counts

    25. FECOLSOG and its Contribution to the Construction of Public Policy on Sexual and Reproductive Health in Colombia

    26. Desire, Pain and Pleasure in Women

    27. Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights in the East Mediterranean: The Changing Terrain

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